by Favor the Brave




released November 24, 2012

Vocals - Chris Webb

Guitar - Matt Mieckowski

Guitar/Keys - Lou Iatarola

Bass/vocals - Buddy Caine

Drums - Mike Michvech



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Zero Gravity
We've been apart for too Long
I should have never let you go
I should have never let you go

I can't change how things have been
But I can try to prevent them from getting worse
Now Im here looking for you
In the furthest depths
Counting the bodies
Obliterating everything I see
Long term exposure has decayed my mind
Ever wonder the mistake that was made

(Cut off their Limbs)

Internal visions block my mind
sinking deeper
Dreams of the past constantly come
Eating what's left of my sanity (My sanity)
At the end I Find you
Dead, Dead the whole time

(Dreams Left Behind)
Track Name: Resources
Bright and sunny
Watching the birds flying high
Nothing could be more normal
The clouds off in the distance
A light illuminates the skies
Bright orange smoke fills the air
We all knew this day would come
Never taking consequences seriously
We all knew this day would come
We all knew this day would come
Just as careless, just as stubborn
But now there will be nothing
The city is flashed in ground it stood
This is not the end, Never will there be nothing. The city is...
The city is flashed by only minutes till the end. Minutes till the end
Shadows of strangers burned into the walls
This is not the end
This is just the beginning
The beginning of the new era
A time lapse could start a new
Track Name: Salvation
I see the destruction in your eyes
Ripped down from my high charity
We'll never see the day of light when a constant battle wages through
The trenches a galatic never ending doom
implemented to see your destruction, this is only tearing us apart.

Tears roll down my face

Could this be.....
With one pull, I could end this torment
Carry me away
Carry me away
Could this be our salvation.
With one pull, I could end this torment
I feel guilty for leaving this spark
It fills my soul with regret
Your visions will only create a failsafe
I never knew what this would become of us

The unexpecting side of this world
Triggered ourselves for another failsafe

I see the destruction in your eyes,
A catastrophic way to begin this

Carry me away, I could end this torment